Monday, June 30, 2008

What is my role? Learner, teacher, or both?

That is a question I often ask myself when considering where I fit in this movement toward providing today's kids with a 21st century education. Having only started teaching and thinking with this focus for about a year now, am I qualified to join the ranks of those that are teaching the teachers? So limited is knowledge of even the most basic web 2.0 tools on my campus that my year of experimentation positions me as a kind of expert at my school. That is great for building one's confidence, but then I engage with my growing PLN and the confidence begins to slip away.

Perhaps that's it. Engaging when no one else on campus is brings with it the responsibility to take on the role of leader and teacher. Are you facing any of the same questions? Do you have similar concerns and/or apprehensions? Or have you had to ask these questions? How did you handle your role? What role did you adopt? I love to hear your experiences.

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Louise Maine said...

I think we are all learners and I strive to show that at school. I am a leader here in technology and I d take that role on - but I still give the message of being a learner and that is the only way to row.

Currently I focus less on the technology and more on how to change the actual teaching of students in better ways that pull the technlogy in.

It is refreshing to hear from someone else about losing confidence while engaging with our PLN but definitely looking very wise indeed in our own environment. I can relate!