Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are we killing creativity?

When I first saw Sir Ken Robinson's talk at TED, I seriously considered blogging about it. Unfortunately, I never quite got around to it. I really need to be a better blogger!!

Now is a great time to resurrect that idea. Jennifer Dorman did just that today on her Cliotech blog - by the way, one that I follow and recommend. In addition to posting and sharing the TED talk - which I'll also embed here - she tipped us off to a more recent Ken Robinson talk delivered this past April at the Apple Education Leadership Summit. Here are the links to the 2-part Apple talk, posted on Edutopia:

Part I

Part II

Here is the TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson:

I echo Dorman's dual-emotional reaction to these presentations - inspired and frustrated. Robinson should be speaking at every school district in America, because as he points out, this is not the problem of an individual teacher or school but a systemic problem that will only be solved through serious education reform. In fact, Robinson calls for a "transformation" rather then "reformation." Obviously, that will not happen - the nationwide speaking tour that is, but probably ed reform as well. I urge all readers to share this post with every educator (or person) that you know.

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