Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FETC 2011: 1st Impressions

After a lengthy check-in process at the My hotel - and a shuttle bus that took the scenic route - I've finally arrived at the Orange County Convention Center for FETC 2011. And so - it's on!

Truth be told, the Rosen Hotel was more than accommodating. After a minor mixup with my room, they upgraded me to a hospitality suite. Not bad for a 15 minute wait. I am sorry that I missed the pre-keynote session - A Technology Shoot-Out with Hall Davidson, Leslie Fisher and John Kuglin. I arrived just as it was wrapping up, and the crowd was standing room only. I'll have to catch up with Hall and Leslie at one of their later sessions.

We're just a couple of hours from the opening session, a keynote from Discovery Channel storm chaser Reed Timmer. That will be followed by the "official" FETC Tweet up at 5:30.

Time to head out to mingle amongst the crowds. I'll be posting often, so check back for up-to-date news from the conference.

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