Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FETC Day 2: Off and Running

I have to admit that I was unable to focus on much of what was going on at day one of the conference, as I spent much of yesterday thinking about my three hour workshop that was scheduled for 8am this morning. It was my first presentation that extended beyond the standard 50-minute concurrent session. I was both delighted and stressed over the prospect of having three hours to cover what I would normally cram into one hour or less.

With that now behind me, I'm now free to enjoy what others have to offer. Now to the task of plying through the conference schedule to decide which sessions to attend. I'll probably check in on Lee Kolbert (@TeachaKidd) and David Fisher (@davidfisher65) for their presentation - VoiceThread: Turn Up the Volume. The rest of the day is thus far up in the air.

Look for my end-of-day post to see where I've been and where I'll go at Day 2 of FETC.

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