Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know: iPad is a Game-Changer

iPads are everywhere at FETC this year. I just came out of a session presented by Jenna Linsken (@2sonsup), and I'm getting ready to attend one by Steve Dembo (@teach42). Both featuring the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone. Jenna's session was in such huge demand that they scheduled an encore for later today. Though Dembo will have a much larger room, I expect that he'll pack the house as well.

What's most exciting about all the fervor surrounding the iPad, is the unknown. Most of us agree that it (or iPad-like devices) will change the face of education, but there is no clear picture of exactly how that will play out. Is there enough functionality with an iPad - compared to a laptop - to make it a viable 1-to-1 player? You can bet that Apple is working hard to make sure that it remains the dominant player.

Back to Jenna. Her session offered, what amounted to, an iPad app "shoot-out" - and the people loved it. Beyond hitting on the biggies like Dropbox and Evernote, she also managed to throw out tons of content specific apps that spanned the curriculum. From simple ABC kindergarten-level apps to periodic table apps (no, she didn't cover Angry Birds), everyone left with something they can use.

Now on to Dembo. Hopefully, he will hit on some apps not already covered in the last session. Either way, a Steve Dembo session is always a good time.

Here is the wiki that includes resources from Jenna's session -

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