Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inklewriter: Choose Your Own Adventure for the 21st Century

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books from the 1980s? They were the ingenious creation Edward Packard, and put you, the reader, in the story. At the end of a chapter, the reader would choose how the story would proceed from among a couple of plot options.  I was not a prolific reader in my youth (something that I regret now) but I do remember how engaging these books were.  The web application Inklewriter puts the power of creating this kind of interactive story at your fingertips.

Inklewriter allows writers to focus on their writing, while the application takes care of the challenging task of organizing the various plot twists.  I believe that this kind of application has the potential to revolutionize creative writing classes.  I teach history, and I know that there is an application for this product in the history classroom - I just haven't figured it out yet.

Here is a promo video put together by Inklestudios:

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